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at The Pound, 2 Cathedral Close, Llandaff, CF5 2ED

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The Pound

The Dig in September-November 2019 was an exciting time for our volunteers and visitors

The Dig begins

Angela cleans the loos

Tim and Allan begin to dig

John, Keith, Pip and Janice

A silver Victorian threepenny bit

Janice washing finds

Cathy drawing the Pound cobbles

The tree and concrete goes!

Tim, Keith, Cathy and Vanessa

Emmelia and Keith

Tim, Janice and Emmelia

The guys from RMC to the rescue, again

Luke joins the team

Is it a wall?

Tim, takes photos at the end of the community dig

And finds the corner of a building!

Gayle helps to solve the mystery of the walls

Mike and Tim watch as RMC’s Bob removes concrete

Bob, Tim, Luke and Mike - ready for work!

Digging begins at the new wall

A jeton is discovered

Louise and Gayle

A fireplace appears

Janice keeps washing finds

Keith gets further down the hole

Visitors from the National Museum

Journalist, Lucy, and Tim Egan

Janice, Tim, Keith and Mike checking out the trench!

And are joined by Cllr Sean

The Bath stone is revealed

Tim and Keith and a nice cup of tea

The fireplace and hearth

Chris, Julie and Allan start to close down the trenches

The Good Gym help us move the soil

And enjoy the fireplace, one last time