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2008 The Insole Court 50+ Group was launched as a member of the Cardiff Council 50+ information and support network for older people. Initial meetings were held on Wednesday mornings; the range of activities and events increased year on year.        

Following the initial investment by Welsh Government, Cardiff Council and Age Connects, and commitment by enthusiastic local leaders, the group quickly became established and successful, and was recognised as a significant asset to the stability of Insole Court as a community resource. Also, vitally, by clear leadership and team working, the group became self-funding, self-managing and sustainable for the long term.

2011  A survey of 50+ members identified the need and opportunity to set up a 50+ Centre; a small steering group developed an outline proposal which was very much welcomed by Cardiff Council and other stakeholders. Insole Court was successful in stage one grant applications with BIG Lottery and Heritage Lottery Fund.

2012 In the Public Consultations undertaken in January and July, the 50+ Centre gained 90% priority support; it was fully endorsed by Cardiff council and included in the Renewal of Insole Court Project funding applications.

2013 The 50+ Group continued to go from strength to strength and started setting aside funding for the proposed new 50+ Centre; the steering group continued to research and share its proposals with the various Cardiff networks.

2014 Insole Court was closed for the duration of capital work. The 50+ Group successfully moved into accommodation at St Michael’s College, Llandaff and Tesco community room for activities.

2015 The 50+ Group leadership team produced a simple Statement of Purpose for the Community Centre and linked it into Cardiff Council’s Community ‘Stepping up’ project; it has had the benefit of consultancy, training and the possibility of development funding.  The 50+ group members produced a film outlining the need for a 50+ centre; Age Connects hosted a Presentation and Conversation event for all stakeholders.  

2016 After consultation with Insole Court, it was considered practical to all for the 50+ group to remain at St. Michael’s Centre for the foreseeable future.

2017  Cardiff Council offered 50+ the opportunity to convert the derelict loos in the High Street into a meeting room with a visitor centre.  Plans have begun, working with Llandaff Society and the Cathedral School. Llandaff 50+ moved its meetings to Llandaff Institute after the closure of St. Michael’s College for events.  It was registered as a charity and began fundraising for The Pound.

2019  Funding was achieved and the transformation of an old derelict toilet block in The Pound could begin.  The archaeological dig was held with local school and volunteers.  A previously unknown Medieval Hall House was discovered beneath the building.  Building work commenced in November.

2020  Building work stopped as the pandemic began.  By June it was complete but activities couldn’t begin due to social distancing concerns.  All events and activities happened on zoom! 2021 Despite the pandemic, some activities could begin but it was a difficult year for Llandaff 50+.

2022 The Pound is running with four activities.

2023 Llandaff 50+ is seeking more activity leaders and volunteers for its management teams.