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This is our blog for 2019 Click here for the archaeological dig

14th March - Coffee at Jaspers with our Cllr Sean Driscoll to get things moving on the test holes for the foundations and archaeology.  

13th March - Meeting with Karl from Sonic Alarms to work out how to make The Pound, and our volunteers, as safe as possible.  Oh, and to safeguard the Bishop’s Castle, too.

5th March - Meeting with Bryn from GB-Sol about the possibility of using solar slates on our roof - both eco-friendly and will look good in a conservation area, next to a medieval Castle!  Followed by first meeting of our Buildings Advisory Group.

19th February - Our community event attracted 80 supporters keen to see the plans for The Pound and gave us the opportunity to announce being offered £10,000 from a local charitable trust.

7th February - W’ve achieved a £5,000 development grant from the National Lottery Community Fund to go through Planning and let us research being eco-friendly in The Pound, eg solar panels, water-harvesting (for all those flushes of the loo!) And bat boxes, of course!

And we’ve had a great meeting with BYB Accountants in Llandaff about VAT.

1st February - Announcement that we have been successful with our Welsh Government grant for £200,000 and Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust grant for £3,000.  After two years work, we can begin!

Yvonne Apsitis (Chair, Llandaff 50+) receives a cheque for £3,000 from Roger Coombs (Chair, Cardiff YMCA (1910) Trust) at the Moving Forward Celebration event.  Seated are: Baroness Finlay of Llandaff (Patron); Matthew Williams (Patron) and Cllr Sean Driscoll.

13th January 2019 - Rebecca from East Ecology visited The Pound - are there bats in the roof?

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Then we met with Dr Tim Young and Louise Mumford, our archaeologists, to fix a date and do planning for our archaeological dig in September.

13th June - Great to get eco advice from Owen Callendar of Severn Wye Agency - no shortage of water at The Pound today.  Here’s Diana (Treasurer), Yvonne (Chair), Owen and Carolyn (our architect)

21st June - Llandaff 50+ Board Meeting - so much to discuss!

20th June - Busy day starting with a meeting with Adam, Josh and Ben from WPD and Kevin from Cardiff Council to discuss the future safety of the electricity substation in The Pound.

15th April - Tim, our archaeologist, came to explore the test holes.  Lots of mud, sand, clinker and 13th century masonry.

14th May - Meeting at The Pound with Kristine from Lottery Community Fund.  Then coffee at Jaspers.

30th April - Sifting the soil - we found a coin (2014 5p) and some pottery.

25th April - Meeting with Alun Owen (QS) and Carolyn Merrifield (Architect) to explore the costs (again)!

13th April - Busy morning digging the test holes for the foundations.  Many thanks to Bob Matthews and his team from RMC for offering their services (and digger).  And, of course, to Cllr Sean Driscoll for fetching the coffees!!

10th April - Hywel John from Hywel John Surveys Ltd came to do a 3D laser scan of the building and courtyard.  What a clever piece of kit - can’t wait to see the results.

12th June - Meeting with Kevin Fosbury, Cardiff Council to discuss our 99 year lease!

11th June - History Group begins the database of fields and enclosures in Llandaff in 1840

4th June - Buildings Advisory Group meets to look at our Design Statement from Downs Merrifield Architects

2nd July - Buildings Advisory Group meeting to look at the Design Statement and Planning application.

26th June - Meeting with Joanne, our new solicitor from local firm, Watkins and Gunn.

25th June - Our History & Archaeology Group (the HAGs) went to see the Caerau Hidden Hillfort and had a tour of the fort with Dr Dave Wyatt.  A great community project - funded by Lottery Heritage Fund.

24th June - Visit to Howdens to plan our kitchen/servery.  What lovely people - we even had ice creams!


31st July - Visit to Ikea (always a treat!) to look at their cupboards and get some ‘stuff’ for our first Pound Founders event on Tuesday.

30th July - Our History & Archaeology Group visit to Usk Castle had to be cancelled due to the pouring rain.  So we met up in Jaspers for tea and cakes - and studied the old plans and images of the Bishop’s Castle, of course.

29th July - Really interesting meeting with Lynne from the Grangetown Pavilion Project.  Also funded by the National Lottery, it’s really helpful to hear about other projects and swapping tips!  She’s given us the details of a VAT expert - something we really need.

28th July - James has removed our ‘seeded’ tree and lowered the silver birch to 3m.  That’s so that we can hang our bat, bird and bee boxes on it.

23rd July - The History & Archaeology Group is proving really popular, we can’t wait for the dig

22nd July - A Finance and Management meeting at Jill’s to discuss funding for The Pound.

4th July - Enjoyed taking part in Llandaff Society’s Strawberry Tea, to raise money for the High Street Christmas Lights - a really lovely day.

3rd July - Great day filming with the lovely Yiannis.  Carolyn, our architect, and Yvonne, our Chair, did most of the work, with a little help from Jill, Paul and Roger.

6th August - BIG DAY!  Our first Pound Founders event.  Homemade lemonade, fancy cakes and tea in our Pound Founder mugs.  A fascinating ‘walk through’ from our architect Carolyn, followed by a new presentation on the history of The Pound from Dr Tim, our archaeologist.  It was an opportunity for all our Pound Founders and Partners to learn about progress and ask questions, of course.